Episode 8: How to Manage Your Time When There’s Not Much to Spare

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, Danny Coleman and I discuss the productivity techniques we use and recommend for time management with a busy family life while building an online business.

Family is incredibly important, so you need to spend every moment away from them hyper-focused to make great use of your valuable time. That’s why we recommend (and practice) daily themes, the Pomodoro Technique, using a Bullet Journal, and more.

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Episode Outline

  • The “perfect productivity” trap you need to avoid 2:05
  • How daily themes can crystallize your focus and keep you on track 3:31
  • What to do when you need to balance focus at work and at home 4:30
  • My daily theme examples from when I had a full-time job 5:05
  • How to find time to build your blog-based business with a full-time job 6:30
  • The daily themes I use now that I’m working for myself full-time 7:25
  • If you have five hours of free time a week, here’s what daily themes I recommend 10:25
  • Should you spend more time reading books or going through a video course? 13:21
  • How Jack Dorsey was able to run Twitter and Square full-time and focused 14:04
  • A case study on butchering the name of an Italian developer (Francesco Cirillo) 14:40
  • What a tomato timer did to revolutionize the productivity ecosphere 14:58
  • How the Pomodoro Technique works to help you sustain focus for long periods of time 15:40
  • The today list technique evolution (what I use everyday to manage my life) 18:30
  • The Bullet Journal system for tracking unfinished tasks 20:33
  • What I love about using a physical journal with a digital lifestyle 22:45

Resources Mentioned

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