Episode 4: How to Write Every Blog Post in One Hour or Less

In this episode of the Unleash Your Blog podcast, we break down the techniques I use to write each blog post in as little time as possible.

Most people spend far too long creating each piece of content, so the system Danny and I cover in this episode will help you drastically spead up your writing process for each blog post (while still producing quality content).

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Episode Outline

  • The big reason things always take longer than you want them to 2:25
  • One crucial technique I use to make sure I never lack inspiration 3:32
  • The system I use to keep track of blog and podcast ideas 4:34
  • How to write twice as fast by first doing less 6:30
  • My favorite productivity technique for managing time when you write 7:35
  • The distraction-free writing software I use for each post 9:10
  • The most important sentence in your whole writing process 12:55
  • An advanced headline analyzer you should be using for free 13:50
  • The most overlooked editting technique that catches almost every mistake 16:38
  • Why you should never underline your content online 18:25
  • What breaking your writing up each day does for your focus 20:16
  • Your primary goal when you read through the final review of your new post 22:05
  • The easiest way to get better at writing new blog posts 22:58
  • A sneak peak at next week’s episode 25:10

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